Monday, November 16, 2009


Boy am I aweful at keeping up with a blog. I really need to get on and at least post pictures more often. I have been pretty busy with school work. Being junior is a lot of work. Anyway...enough excuses!

I learned something neat in my law class the other day. My ears perked right up when I heard the professor say "tort". He was not talking about the tort I was familiar with, though. Tort law is,
"A body of rights, obligations, and remedies that is applied by courts in civil proceedings to provide relief for persons who have suffered harm from the wrongful acts of others. The person who sustains injury or suffers pecuniary damage as the result of tortious conduct is known as the plaintiff, and the person who is responsible for inflicting the injury and incurs iability for the damage is known as the defendant or tortfeasor."
Quite a mouthful. My easy way of describing it and remembering it for tests is, " A civil wrong that interferes with one's property or person. e.g. tort of trespass, battery, assult, false imprisonment..." Kinda neat, isn't it.

As for my baking, I have had a few cake orders. Here are the pictures:

The cupcakes were for Mothering Mommies LLC. (Amanda's mom's business). October 9th is National Pro-life Cupcake Day. I bet you did not even know that day existed! The idea behind it is,
"Cupcakes were designed with birthdays in mind.However, not everyone has been allowed to be born.In fact one in three children will never celebrate their first birthday due to abortion. We simply don't think it's fair that so many children don't ever get to have a birthday party. So we thought that we would schedule a day to remember the children, who never get to blow out the candles, unwrap their gifts and eat some cake."

Here are some other exciting things that have happened over the past couple of months.

Anne Elise Correlli was born....

Pappy now has 4 lovely granddaughters. Only two can fit in his arms at a time, though. I'm sure he wishes he had more arms to hold them all :) ....


CrossCurrent's Harvest Party was held at our house. I dressed up as a girl from the 1940's...

Dad and Luke celebrated their birthdays. I got a little lazy and just made giant chocolate chip cookies... nothing very fancy....

I also celebrated my 20th birthday. Fran made me a coconut cake (my favorite kind) and Ethan decorated a cake for me as well...

Sorry, nothing too terribly exciting has happened. Maybe I will get back on here soon and post some stories of the cakes. My aim for this post was just to get the pictures on here. Hope you all enjoy.


  1. I'm going to make sure you get on more often

  2. Oh yay!!! A post!!! I love seeing the pics- and what a good holiday for pro-life. I like the blocks cake especially :) yes, you need to get on here more often. Love you!!!

  3. glad to see your updates the pic look so good

    you are a true blessing to everyone.
    mr doug