Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 2

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow, that I have been here in Chihuahua. The weeks have definitely gone by fast. I still feel like I just arrived. Things are slowly starting to feel more comfortable like their crazy hand shake with a kiss on the cheek (a normal greeting and goodbye) followed by, "Como esta usted?... Muy bien...y tu?...bien, gracias". All straight from the Spanish textbooks! I am also picking up little spanish phrases here and there. Food is "muy rico" which means very rich. I thought "me gusto" (I like) would be more appropriate, but apparently not. "Otra cosas"- other things..."tambien"- also... "hasta la vista" - see you later  (always makes me laugh when they say this). 

God is teaching me a lot already during my time here. Pastor Sean has been encouraging me to find my fulfillment in Christ alone; especially when I am feeling homesick or out-of-place. I am really trying to live that out. When I just want to go home, I pray to the Lord to fill that "homesick place in my heart". We as humans think it only natural to be homesick, but it is really an earthly desire, not a heavenly one. It is okay for me to think often about home, but not to desire it more that serving the Lord where He has placed me at this time in my life. 

I have been spending many evenings serving in Cafe 1040 which is attached to the church building and run by the church. It is an outreach to the community. I have played games like dominoes and cards with people that speak only Spanish. That is quite a challenge, but it always produces a lot of laughter and fun! I have also learned how to use the espresso machine and how to pronounce e-spress-o properly.

I will have to update more later. Hasta la vista ;-)

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  1. I like that you're sharing what you're learning. It's something I can learn, too - though in different ways since I'm actually "home." But, I am working on learning where my true fulfillment lies. It's something I've been struggling with lately. Thanks! Video chat sooon!!!