Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boot or Dress?!?!?!

I made this cake for my (soon to be) sister-in-law's lingerie shower. You may be wondering about my title and upside down picture. I'll explain. You see, when I first cut this cake to shape my grandfather said it looked like a cowboy boot. I couldn't really see it that way but whatever.By the time I was finished, he did agree that it look like a dress.
The cake was made to look like the party invitations. The cake was definitely a huge success. I was very happy with my work. I baked a half sheet cake of my standard yellow cake. Then I cut it to shape. Usually, I draw a sort of template out on parchment paper and then use that as a guide to cut the cake. I attempted to do that for this cake but I never was happy with the drawing, so I ended up doing it free hand. You can definitely tell that the sides are not symetrical, but oh well. I certainly don't think it looks too shabby :) I did discover that we need our kitchen knives sharpened. They did not cut the cake very straight. It nawwed up some of the sides. I had to straighten them out with a small, sharper knife.
One other problem I encountered was during icing the cake. I had to use a good amount of food coloring to get the icing the right color. When I iced the cake, I got some icing on the cardboard that the cake was sitting on. Normally with icing, it just wipes right off without leaving a mark, but because of all the food coloring it made pink marks on the cardboard. After fully icing the cake, I decided I would have to transfer it onto a new board. I got out two of my dad's giant spatuala's he uses for grilling. I put placed one under either side of the cake and successfully transfered it with very minimal damaged. I even impressed myself. It probably wasnt' too wise, but it worked!

This cake was quite an adventure and a whole lot of fun. It turned out wonderfully. Transforming a boot into a dress was no small feat, but I accomplished it. I believe I did it quite well too!
P.S. Anyone know how to sharpen kitchen knives??!??!


  1. shawn bought a knife sharpener from an infomercial (don't ask)... you could maybe borrow it - if he can find it...

    p.s. i don't think the cake looks like a boot at all...

  2. Beautiful cake- and I can't believe you transfered it!! I can't even transfer a 8"round without it breaking- grrrr.... :D

  3. Adorable cake! You have such talent!

  4. What an amazing cake---must have made the table look so pretty!!! I don't see "boot" at all.....must be a man-thing!! Can't wait to see your next creation......what a pretty blog!! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  5. Thanks for the's so exciting that you all are actually reading my blog!!! One question for all you experienced bloggers: Why can't I put spaces between my paragraphs? When I type it into the blog it shows up, but then when it is posted they disappear...I just hate how it looks all smashed together :(

  6. I snuck into your blog without an invitation because I saw the link on someone's comment on facebook. I love seeing your creations and I also don't get the "boot" thing. And Andi--Shawn bought a knife sharpener from an infomercial? And Jessie were those the cake pops on the table Saturday night. They were awesome--I hesitated to take one because often when something is beautiful it isn't tasty, but it was both! Great work!

  7. Yes, those were Bakerella's cake pops...They are very easy to make and lots of fun to decorate!!!
    I'll have to talk to Andi or Shawn about the knife sharpener...our knife block has a sharpener(stick thing), but I know that you can ruine a knife if it is done wrong...

  8. When you compose a new post, look at the top right of the box you are typing in. It has 2 tabs, Edit HTML and Compose. Make sure you are clicked on COMPOSE and that will help with your formatting, I think. LMK if that works...

  9. yea... a knife sharpener from an infomercial... i guess this is what he does late and night and the reason he falls asleep while i am making dinner :P