Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I made a cake!!!This was an order I received. It is for a boy's birthday party; which will be held on Thanksgiving day. I wasn't completely happy with the result, but I guess it's not too bad. Did you know that soccer balls have two different shapes?I had no idea. The black shapes are pentagons and the white are hexagons. AMAZING!!! You learn something new every day...hehe! I'm still not sure whether I like the border I put on it :/ The picture makes the cake look crooked, but it really isn't...I promise!

I'm sure you all are wondering why there isn't a Thanksgiving cake or any Thanksgiving dessert for that matter. Bethany volunteered to make all the desserts for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, so I am not making a thing. Can you believe it??!?!? It has actually been hard to resist making things like pumpkin rolls, pecan pies, apple crisp, pumpkin cheesecake, or even just fresh pumpkin pies!

I don't really have much else to write today. Sorry.....Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!


  1. I love it!! And I had no idea about the shapes on the ball- I would have completely screwed that up- great job!

  2. Great job....too cool to cut up!!! I should have asked you to make a turkey cake for Tim's birthday will be a few years before it falls on this day again so that will give you lots of time to practice :)

  3. hmm....a turkey cake would be pretty tricky :/