Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yay...More baking!!!!

Well, I got back into baking. I am not sure how much longer I could have gone without baking anything. I got home from class on Thursday night and baked up a storm! Almost everyone was in bed, so I had the kitchen to myself. I made:

....Mocha Cake...................Maple Pecan Muffins

........Berry Pie.................Chocolate Chip Cookies

I even got to bed before 1 am. I enjoy baking late at night, but I am not quite sure why. Mommom and Pop call me the "Midnight Baker". They go to bed one night and wake up the next morning with baked goods everywhere. Normally, I don't wait for things to cool. I just leave them on the counter with a dish cloth over them. Sometimes, I clean up the dished other times the kitchen is a disaster in the morning.

Back to Thursday's baking escapade. The Mocha Cake was a repeat from about a month ago. It is amazing!!!! I had never made the Maple Pecan Muffins before. They were actually from a muffin cook book I received for my birthday from Janelle. It has 100 muffin recipes all from 1 basic recipe. It's pretty neat. They are all fairly easy to make. The Berry Pie was another repeat, but definitely worth making again. I use a bag of frozen mixed berries like blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. Of course, I had to make chocolate chip cookies. I have them down to a science. I can make 1 batch, which equals about 60 small cookies, in 30-40 minutes. I always use parchment paper because I hate to clean up. Well, here are the leftovers as of today:

I don't have pictures of the muffins or chocolate chips cookies because I never got to the cookies before they were eaten. So the picture before is their current state. I only took a picture of one muffin, but by the supply left today I can tell you they weren't a a huge success. Until next time.....Au revoir!


  1. i'll take some of the muffins! they sound good to me!
    and... some of that mocha cake would be delicious, too...
    bible study tomorrow night could use some desserts - i am almost sure

  2. You have one lucky family!!!! I think they used to call Michelle Hayes "Stella the nighttime cook" too! :) The muffins look the best, and the berry pie sounds even somewhat healthy- ha!! Great job!

  3. I want to come over and watch you in action.....30-40 minutes for a batch of choc. chips...very impressive!!! I can't believe you did all that in a few hours....that's more than I have baked in the past 6 months!! Love the pictures :)